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Course Time Calculator

This tool allows you to calculate the theoretical yardage and standard course time of NADAC courses. This will generally be the course time used when judging submitted VT runs. There may be times when a slightly different yardage (and therefore course time) is applied by the judge reviewing a run, so just as with EPA fuel economy specs, Your Yardage May Differ. Note also that the calculator lists two different "size" barrels. They really aren't different size barrels, but instead different yardages considered for the barrel. Two yards are used for a pass-by of the barrel that doesn't generally require the dog to collect in order to perform it correctly, while the dog is given credit for five yards if the obstacle is placed such that most dogs would collect in order to perform the barrel efficiently. Typically, the greater yardage is given if the turn is sharper than 90 degrees, but this is a judgement call for the judge, so treat the 90 degrees as a loose guideline, not an absolute rule.

Yardage and Course Time Calculator

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