NADAC Announcements

October 26th, 2017:

Start line training rules adjusted. See rulebook for more info. Finish line refusals removed

May 10th, 2017:

Standard Course Time update. New times can be found in the rulebook.

February 11th:

Bonus dogs can now run inline with the normal running order. No longer needing to run first.

February 11th:

Judges can now design and use their own courses at their assignments, with approval from the NADAC office

February 11th:

Barrel Markers will be going to a standard 7 feet for all classes and levels

February 11th:

2018 Championships will be returning to Gillette, Wyoming.

February 11th:

All Top Ten Listings from the past 6 years can now be printed as a certificate. Certificates can be found under the Special Awards page: Special Awards

February 6th:

All Top Ten Listings from the past 6 years can now be viewed online. Listings can be found under the Titles and Awards Tab, or here: Top Ten Listings

January 30th:

As of April 1st Numbered Hoopers and X-Hoopers will be combining into one class. More info can be found here: Rule Update Page